The Oceanus Motel Sustainable Practices- First in Solar

The Oceanus Motel has made great strides in instituting planet-friendly practices that promote environmental responsibility. With the recent addition of 180 Solar Panels, we have drastically reduced our property's reliance on non-renewable energy. Our solar system was designed to provide our guests with the cleanest energy possible to help reduce our carbon footprint. 

Our New Solar Panels will:

  • Produce 61,600 kWh of clean energy each year which is the equivalent of 4,872 gallons of gasoline or 101 Barrels of Oil
  • They will reduce 44 metric tons of C02 gas emissions from entering the environment.
  • Provide renewable energy to our hotel & community for years to come.

Energy & Water Conservation

  • High-efficiency lighting: CFL lighting in all guestrooms
  • LED Lighting in all Exterior Fixtures & Common Areas
  • Low-consumption faucets, showerheads and toilets in all guestrooms
  • High Effeciency/Low Consumption Laundry Facility